Sunday, March 19, 2017



As I write these words it has only been a few hours since the announcement that artist Bernie Wrightson has died.  I never really knew much of Wrightson until the last half-dozen years or so but I can definitely tell you he had more of an impact on my comic fandom than I realized.

For those unaware, Wrightson co-created the DC character Swamp Thing with Len Wein.  Wrightson also was the artist when the character was revamped slightly and given his own series.  The visuals presented in these issues alone are testament to Wrightson's skills at depicting horror and suspense, but they are just a small fraction of what influence he has had.

Other popular characters of note at DC that Bernie Wrightson helped created include Abby Arcane and Destiny, who later went on to be part of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series.

Wrightson was influenced by classic EC horror comics and the works of Frank Frazetta.  The use of shadows and the grotesque in Wrightson's horror comics can easily be traced back to these two sources. With a career spanning decades and most every comic company possible, Bernie Wrightson was a force not to be ignored. His presence and style shall be missed, but only partially as much as the man himself shall be. Good-bye, sir.  Bernie Wrightson, gone too soon.


  1. Nice share! And yes, Bernie's gone too soon.

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